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The future of Cyberhatch

Cyberhatch has been something of a side-project for the last few years, and I’ve now made the decision to rebrand the blog as linuxupdate after a shift in the approach I’m going to take to this site. The Cyberhatch brand just seems dated now and the content is just not something I’m interested in doing any more as IT shifts from a career to a hobby for me following a personal re-focussing of what matters to me.

The new site will have all of Cyberhatch’s content since some of it gets a fair number of views, but future content will be focussed around the subjects of Linux, FOSS, and Unix. I’m intending to do daily posts on here to try and ramp up the amount of content on the site.

Jon Procter

Linux, Unix, and Windows server sysadmin with strong experience in security and compliance.

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